What’s in My Bag

For some reason I have always loved ‘what’s in my bag’ blog posts and/or videos. There is something deeply satisfying about knowing what is inside someone else’s bag, don’t ask why, there is no knowledge behind it. So I thought I would finally pitch in and show the world the amazing contents of my everyday backpack. So let’s get into it….

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some of ze contents

Card Holder 

So I used to carry a hugeeee purse around with me all the time, until I discovered card holders and how convenient they are.  I got my little cute winking one from the Urban Outfitters sale and it is super convenient. If you don’t like carrying cash and constantly lose your things {like me} then a card holder is for you.


Cannot live without them, a necessity in life.

Keys and Phone 

I need them. I must have them at all times.

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Collection 100 Concealer

This is one of my favourite concealers of all time, perfect for touch ups throughout the day. A must-have in my lil backpack.

Brow Wiz

The ultimate brow essential, in shade blonde!


Again, another essential for the bag, gotta save them chapped lips.

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Moleskine Diary 

I always like to carry my Diary on me, even if I haven’t written in it for a couple of weeks. My Diary is super small, easy to carry about and I am always forgetting events and plans. So I use this to constantly keep up with my very uneventful life.

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Lipstick/ Lip Liner 

I always tend to carry the lip liner and Lipstick I am wearing that particular day. At the moment my personal favourite is Ciate’s lipstick in the shade Praline. It’s this gorgeous brown nude, which is super creamy and looks soo good on pale skin tones like mine!

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My current favourite perfume is Diptyque’s Florabellio and I carry it everywhere! Probably unnecessary to carry round but can’t help my extra-ness…

So there you have it, what is in my bag. Although it’s not particularly exciting, I didn’t think sharing the numerous amount of panty liners and old receipts would be that enjoyable to read about. Hopefully I will be more consistent blogging from now on, I have had a slight block in the recent few weeks, but I am finally getting back into it.

Let me know what are your everyday essentials in the comments below!


Madeleine xo

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