June Instagram Snaps

I have always loved Instagram, the idea of sharing little bits of your life through pictures has always been really appealing to me. Plus, for some reason editing pictures is very therapeutic to me. Although I don’t have a specific theme to my Instagram, {I don’t have a bloggers Instagram} I love the way I do it and I tend to find themes a little restricting for me. But anyway, I have seen these blog posts floating around and thought I would do a little one of my own.  June has come and flown by very fast for me, but the UK has been blessed with a mixture of weather including lots of sun.

I hope everyone has had a great June. Let me know what you have been doing lately? Have you any plans for the summer?

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as you can see pigging out is my fav thing to do….



I finished uni for go, so lots of boat party pics for ya’ll

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Madeleine xo


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