Fluorescent PR Christmas in July Event

On Thursday evening I was lucky enough to be invited to the Fluorescent PR Christmas in July event at the Marylebone Hotel. This was obviously super exciting for me, since it was *drum roll pls* my first ever blogger event… how exciting. I was very, very, VERY nervous and anxious about it, but when I arrived I have to thank the PR girls for making me feel so welcome, showing me all the products and introducing me to the brand owners. Fluorescent PR went out of their way to make me feel comfortable so I am so so so thankful for that, thankyou girls.

Anyway, back to the event. It highlighted all the winter ranges coming out from the brands they manage which include, Sukin Skincare, Burts Bee’s and so many more! I managed to speak to some lovely ladies on their products as well as see what is in the Christmas range of these brands.

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funky funky designs

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some beaut jewellery

I had a few standout moments from the evening {other than the free cocktails…which somehow got stronger as the evening went on….}, the first was meeting the lovely Samantha O’Shea whom created these amazing handmade bags. What was extremely special about them was that she mentioned using vintage materials so they were truly one of a kind. All the designs were gorgeous and I have an eye on a few for a christmas present to myself. You can find her website here.

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love, love, LOVE these bags, especially the cat one in the back!!!!

My next highlight of the evening was getting glittered up by the ladies from Beauty Boulevard. They did this amazing glitter on the side of my face, they literally turned me into a fully fledged unicorn. Plus once this stuff is on, it’s staying on which makes it perfect for festivals over the summer. You can find their website here.

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finally transformed into my true form

The final highlight of the evening was getting my hair spray dyed and my nails done. My nails are currently wrecked from wearing acrylics consistently *sobs*, but I got some gel nails done and my hair spray dip dyed pink. Safe to say I left the building looking completely different from when I went in.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

the chairs are the real star of this photo

This whole event was amazing, everyone had the chance to try some of the products and to see what they thought of them. This I thought was a perfect way to showcase your products and really allowed for a great evening.  I got gifted a wonderful goodie bag by fluorescent PR which had a Sukin Mask in, a Burt’s Bee’s trio of lip balms {which I won’t use but will give to my mum} and a head band by Aquis Rituals.

One top tip I would advise anyone for their first blogger event is bring business cards. I can’t explain the amount of people who asked me for a business card!!!!

Let me know how some of your first events went in the comments below!


Madeleine xo.

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