What I got for Christmas 2017

This year Christmas seemed to come and go in a blink of an eye. As I have been in the midst of starting a new job, adjusting to very early starts and living back at home with my mum it seems I wasn’t really able to get into the Christmas spirit this year. Maybe next year eh, but with the re-launch of my blog comes some actual Christmas content {be it a week after Christmas, better late than never as they say!}

Every year I always tend to read these blog posts and watch these videos with absolute wonder. I have a weird love affair in seeing all the wonderful gifts people get for Christmas.

I would just like to put a disclaimer here as well. This blog post is in no way gloating, showing off or shoving in peoples faces how many gifts I received. I am a very humble person and am forever grateful to anyone who makes the effort to buy me anything. Plus, I think it is an extra special way to thank the friends and family who have made the effort to buy you the gifts! So let’s get into what I got gifted from Santa this year…


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my eyes will be blessed this year with wonderful pigment

This year I didn’t just get blessed with one makeup palette but two, yay for me. The Stila ‘Eyes are the Window- Soul’ palette and Naked ‘Heat’ palette. Both palettes have such a wonderful shade range and I am so excited to create some exciting looks with these in 2018! Oh yeah, the Smashbox primer water is great too, thanks, mum.

Body Care 

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ya girl is gonna be silky smooth for 2018

If you are like me you ask for all the bath stuff which you run out just before Christmas. Both Soap and Glory products I have used many times before and love. The body shop body butter is my favourite scent from there as well!  Cheers Santa.


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Sakura bath bomb and Plum

My baths will be lush in 2018 {get it lush, yeah I get it I need to stop}. Both of these Lush products I have never tried before, I know that’s shocking for me but I am excited to add these to my ever growing lush collection and possibly create some more interesting lush cocktails!

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Yesss, Santa did good. This stuff is literally like liquid gold for the face, is so luxurious and is just utterly beautiful. This cleansing balm contains moringa seed extract, vitamin e and wild sea fennel which is great for moisturising and minimising the appearance of pores. AKA, this stuff is amazing and you need it in your life. Cheers Santa for ensuring I will have great skin in 2018. luv ya.


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the best scent ever kids, go try it if ya haven’t

I love the grapefruit scent from the Body Shop and if I could smell like any scent for the rest of my life, it would be this.

So, I was incredibly lucky and blessed this Christmas to recieve the gifts I was given! I was well and truly spoilt and will be forever grateful to the people who spent their money on me. I hope you enjoyed this little blog post, and expect more exciting content to come in 2018.

What did you guys get for Christmas? Let me know in the comments!


Madeleine xo

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