Fluorescent PR Christmas in July Event

On Thursday evening I was lucky enough to be invited to the Fluorescent PR Christmas in July event at the Marylebone Hotel. This was obviously super exciting for me, since it was *drum roll pls* my first ever blogger event... how exciting. I was very, very, VERY nervous and anxious about it, but when I … Continue reading Fluorescent PR Christmas in July Event


Simple Summer Glow-y Makeup {Cruelty-Free}

Summer is the time of glow-y, dewy, bronze-y makeup. I never wear loads of makeup anyway but the feeling of your makeup gradually melting off your face is not pleasant. Although this isn't 'sweat' proof or summer proof makeup, this is a super simple dewy makeup look which is perfect for everyday wear in summer. … Continue reading Simple Summer Glow-y Makeup {Cruelty-Free}

New in my Makeup Stash: Spring Edit

Recently, I have spent a lil bit of money on some spring bits and bobs, specifically makeup and bodycare. There have been a few products which have been sitting in my cult beauty basket and I decided to splurge and treat myself to them {cause everyday is treat yo'self day}. So let's get into it.... … Continue reading New in my Makeup Stash: Spring Edit

My Everyday Makeup Look {Cruelty-free}

My everyday makeup look is super simple, I don't wear a huge amount of makeup everyday but I thought it would be a nice thing to share since I am forever wanting to know what peoples go to makeup looks are. I did a makeup collaboration {which you can read here} and lots of you seemed … Continue reading My Everyday Makeup Look {Cruelty-free}

What I have been Loving: February

February has been a busy month, but I still have accumulated a lot of favourites. Although it has been a stressful and busy month I have been practising a lot of self care {I wrote a post about it that you can read here} and thus have used a lot of products to aid that. I … Continue reading What I have been Loving: February

My Most Loved: Nude Lippies

Nude Lipsticks, my one weakness in life. It's the one colour which you can have so many which look the same, but are just that tiny bit different, you know what i mean? Well that's my mentality anyway and my excuse to keep buying ones which I already have in a really similar colour. So … Continue reading My Most Loved: Nude Lippies

The Lush Perfume Heroes

Finding cruelty free perfume can often be a challenging thing. More often than not perfume companies just are not cruelty free so finding decent long lasting perfumes is a chore. You can't go without one either, a signature smell is essential to everyone and everybody whether your a boy or a girl.  Although I have … Continue reading The Lush Perfume Heroes

Winter Makeup Look {Collab with Miah Ke-leigh}

Winter has to be one of my favourite seasons, cozy nights in, hot chocolates and most importantly comfort food. But I also love the colours which you tend to reach for with your makeup. For me winter eyes normally means deeper colours and more of a smokey eye. So for Miah's and my collaboration we … Continue reading Winter Makeup Look {Collab with Miah Ke-leigh}

Vegan Kind Beauty Box: November {Review}

Recently I have been searching for a beauty box which wasn't just cruelty free but vegan as well! This has been a pretty tough ordeal if I may say so myself, since most beauty boxes such as Petit Voir only ship to the US and Canada only. Leaving us UK vegan beauty lovers hanging. But … Continue reading Vegan Kind Beauty Box: November {Review}

Makeup Geek Shadows and Review

Makeup Geek Shadows have been on my radar for a little while now. What interested me originally about the brand was the concept that you could essentially create the palette of your dreams. Whilst mine isn't exactly there yet, it certainly incorporates my love for shimmer. So lets get into it.... I am going to … Continue reading Makeup Geek Shadows and Review