What I Wore: Summer Days {#WIWT}

Summer is always my favourite time of the year, not only because my birthday is soon {August 24th mark your dates kiddos} but because you can wear dresses and pretty clothes all the time. Although, the British weather recently has been a little confusing {a mixture of extremely hot and extremely rainy}, I have still … Continue reading What I Wore: Summer Days {#WIWT}


What’s in My Bag

For some reason I have always loved 'what's in my bag' blog posts and/or videos. There is something deeply satisfying about knowing what is inside someone else's bag, don't ask why, there is no knowledge behind it. So I thought I would finally pitch in and show the world the amazing contents of my everyday … Continue reading What’s in My Bag

What I Wore: Date Night {#WIWT}

Valentine's day is fast approaching and although I don't personally celebrate it {waste of money, pointless blah blah} I am well aware it's a very important occasion for many girls and guys out there. The other night I went on a date night with my boyfriend. We went to Mildreds in London and had overall … Continue reading What I Wore: Date Night {#WIWT}