Fluorescent PR Christmas in July Event

On Thursday evening I was lucky enough to be invited to the Fluorescent PR Christmas in July event at the Marylebone Hotel. This was obviously super exciting for me, since it was *drum roll pls* my first ever blogger event... how exciting. I was very, very, VERY nervous and anxious about it, but when I … Continue reading Fluorescent PR Christmas in July Event


June Instagram Snaps

I have always loved Instagram, the idea of sharing little bits of your life through pictures has always been really appealing to me. Plus, for some reason editing pictures is very therapeutic to me. Although I don't have a specific theme to my Instagram, {I don't have a bloggers Instagram} I love the way I … Continue reading June Instagram Snaps

Our Trip to Newcastle

Over April my boyfriend and I went to Newcastle just for a little weekend away to celebrate his birthday. We stayed in a lovely Air BnB instead of a hotel. I am a full convert to Air BnB and honestly think they are soooo much better and cheaper than hotels! Anyway, when we were in … Continue reading Our Trip to Newcastle

The Ultimate Vegan/ Plantbased Snack

Finding Snack's I enjoy is often a hard thing. Before I was vegan I never snacked at all, it was pretty much my rule of life. I could keep up my unhealthy lifestyle if I didn't touch the crisps or chocolate at all. However, since I've been vegan I actually encourage eating the snacks and … Continue reading The Ultimate Vegan/ Plantbased Snack

5 Easy Self Care Practices

Recently I have seen a influx of self care blog posts and since it's something I advocate and preach about on a daily basis I thought it's time for me to chip in. For someone who gets stressed really easily, suffers from anxiety and has trouble sleeping a lot of the time, self care practices … Continue reading 5 Easy Self Care Practices

What I Wore: Date Night {#WIWT}

Valentine's day is fast approaching and although I don't personally celebrate it {waste of money, pointless blah blah} I am well aware it's a very important occasion for many girls and guys out there. The other night I went on a date night with my boyfriend. We went to Mildreds in London and had overall … Continue reading What I Wore: Date Night {#WIWT}

5 Tips for Newbie Vegans

This is it, it's the end of January and you've decided to stick to veganism for good! Good for you, you've finally seen the light {we all get there eventually}. But since starting veganism can be tricky and challenging for some people I thought it would be good to compile some tips which helped me … Continue reading 5 Tips for Newbie Vegans

What I Eat in a Day #2 {Vegan/Plantbased}

My last What I eat in a day was so popular {if you haven't read that you can here}, I have decided to do a second. I am constantly on the look out for more vegan food ideas particularly as I love cooking so much. So here is what I eat in a day. Breakfast  … Continue reading What I Eat in a Day #2 {Vegan/Plantbased}

New Years Aims and Goals

Hello again, it's been a long time {as per usual} but all that matters is I'm back. Having a long break off social media has given me lots to think about and reflect on. 2016 was a year full of ups and downs for me {mostly downs} but I am happy and thankful to say … Continue reading New Years Aims and Goals

Taste Test: Sainsbury’s Vegan Cheese

This isn't a blog post I would usually consider doing, but since I have STRUGGLED to find a decent cheese alternative I thought I would try out possibly what I think is the most accessible and affordable vegan cheese out there. Since there has been a lot of hype around this vegan cheese {aka Gary} … Continue reading Taste Test: Sainsbury’s Vegan Cheese