First Impressions: 100% Pure Masks

100% Pure has been a brand which has been on my radar for a little while now. Originally I thought only the makeup would be of interest for me. But recently I have found that loads of people on my Instagram have been using the odd looking "gel" like masks which they sell. So I … Continue reading First Impressions: 100% Pure Masks


Skincare Loves: December

It's is finally my favourite month of the year...December!! Which means it is almost Christmas but that means it gets colder and my skin decides to have a breakdown over the cold weather.  I don't tend to switch my skincare routine that much but when it hits winter I do tend to incorporate products more … Continue reading Skincare Loves: December

Skincare Loves: September

Skincare is something which I can happily say I am obsessed with. I love finding new products which make my skin feel and look amazing. I don't often switch up my skincare routine but this month I got gifted a lot of new skincare products which have definitely made a huge impact on my skin … Continue reading Skincare Loves: September