5 Easy Self Care Practices

Recently I have seen a influx of self care blog posts and since it's something I advocate and preach about on a daily basis I thought it's time for me to chip in. For someone who gets stressed really easily, suffers from anxiety and has trouble sleeping a lot of the time, self care practices … Continue reading 5 Easy Self Care Practices


My Most Loved: Nude Lippies

Nude Lipsticks, my one weakness in life. It's the one colour which you can have so many which look the same, but are just that tiny bit different, you know what i mean? Well that's my mentality anyway and my excuse to keep buying ones which I already have in a really similar colour. So … Continue reading My Most Loved: Nude Lippies

The Lush Perfume Heroes

Finding cruelty free perfume can often be a challenging thing. More often than not perfume companies just are not cruelty free so finding decent long lasting perfumes is a chore. You can't go without one either, a signature smell is essential to everyone and everybody whether your a boy or a girl.  Although I have … Continue reading The Lush Perfume Heroes

What I Wore: Date Night {#WIWT}

Valentine's day is fast approaching and although I don't personally celebrate it {waste of money, pointless blah blah} I am well aware it's a very important occasion for many girls and guys out there. The other night I went on a date night with my boyfriend. We went to Mildreds in London and had overall … Continue reading What I Wore: Date Night {#WIWT}

First Impressions: 100% Pure Masks

100% Pure has been a brand which has been on my radar for a little while now. Originally I thought only the makeup would be of interest for me. But recently I have found that loads of people on my Instagram have been using the odd looking "gel" like masks which they sell. So I … Continue reading First Impressions: 100% Pure Masks

5 Tips for Newbie Vegans

This is it, it's the end of January and you've decided to stick to veganism for good! Good for you, you've finally seen the light {we all get there eventually}. But since starting veganism can be tricky and challenging for some people I thought it would be good to compile some tips which helped me … Continue reading 5 Tips for Newbie Vegans

Winter Makeup Look {Collab with Miah Ke-leigh}

Winter has to be one of my favourite seasons, cozy nights in, hot chocolates and most importantly comfort food. But I also love the colours which you tend to reach for with your makeup. For me winter eyes normally means deeper colours and more of a smokey eye. So for Miah's and my collaboration we … Continue reading Winter Makeup Look {Collab with Miah Ke-leigh}

What I Eat in a Day #2 {Vegan/Plantbased}

My last What I eat in a day was so popular {if you haven't read that you can here}, I have decided to do a second. I am constantly on the look out for more vegan food ideas particularly as I love cooking so much. So here is what I eat in a day. Breakfast  … Continue reading What I Eat in a Day #2 {Vegan/Plantbased}

New Years Aims and Goals

Hello again, it's been a long time {as per usual} but all that matters is I'm back. Having a long break off social media has given me lots to think about and reflect on. 2016 was a year full of ups and downs for me {mostly downs} but I am happy and thankful to say … Continue reading New Years Aims and Goals

Skincare Loves: December

It's is finally my favourite month of the year...December!! Which means it is almost Christmas but that means it gets colder and my skin decides to have a breakdown over the cold weather.  I don't tend to switch my skincare routine that much but when it hits winter I do tend to incorporate products more … Continue reading Skincare Loves: December